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Christian Union Nova

Christian Union Nova is a student organization at Princeton that is supported by Christian Union. It provides in-depth study of Scripture, Christian leadership training, fellowship, and support for Christian students as well as resources to help non-Christian students learn about Christianity. Open to all students, Christian Union Nova's main activities include Bible courses, a weekly lecture series, called Encounter, conferences, and various outreaches on campus. Also, unique to Princeton's campus, we have a weekly service focused on worship styles of the African diaspora, called Tru Thursday.







In addition, Christian Union owns and operates the Robert L. Melrose Center for Christian Leadership at Princeton. Christian Union is an independent Christian ministry.​

Watch this video to learn more:

About Christian Union

Christian Union launched its first leadership development ministry at Princeton in 2002. The ministry's Founder and CEO, Matt Bennett, had long observed the influence that top secular universities possess when it comes to producing many of the nation’s most influential leaders. He had a conviction that US culture could and would be changed as these schools were influenced by the Gospel. 

Since then the ministry has expanded to Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Harvard Law, Penn, Stanford, and Yale. It has also launched city ministries in New York City and in Washington, DC, and an online ministry called Christian Union Day & Night.

Vision + Mission

The ministry's vision is to seek a spiritually vibrant nation marked by Christian values permeating every corner of society. Christian Union pursues this ministry by developing and connecting transformative Christian leaders.

On each campus where it operates, Christian Union’s highly credentialed ministry and teaching fellows mentor students and lead challenging, academically oriented Bible courses designed to help students develop a robust understanding of Scripture and Christian worldview. The ministries also host conferences, leadership lecture series, and evangelistic outreach events as they seek to change the spiritual climate at very secular institutions. 

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